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oCUBE Journal Club 2018 - 2019

 Month Facilitator  Article
September 2018 Neil Haave Cavanagh et al. 2018. Trust, growth mindset, and student commitment to active learning in a college science course. CBE—LSE, 17(1), ar10.
October 2018 Lovaye Kajiura Kassarmig V, Bjerre-Nielsen A, Mones E, Lehmann S, Dreyer Lassen D. 2017. Class attendance, peer similarity, and academic performance in a large field study. PLOS ONE
November 2018 Tamara Kelly Chen P et al. 2017. Strategic resource use for learning: a self-administered intervention that guides self-reflection on effective resource use enhances academic performance. Psychological Science 28(6): 774-785.
December 2018 Lisa RobertsonSarah Randall Johnson & Frances King Stage (2018) Academic Engagement and Student Success: Do High-Impact Practices Mean Higher Graduation Rates?, The Journal of Higher Education, 89:5, 753-781
January 2019 Jennifer WaughWyse, S.A. and P.A.G. Soneral. 2018. "Is this class hard?" Defining and analyzing academic rigor from a learner's perspective. CBE-Life Sciences Education 17(4)
February 2019 Tanya Noel
Hall, N. C., & Sverdlik, A. 2016. Encouraging Realistic Expectations in STEM Students: Paradoxical Effects of a Motivational Intervention. Frontiers in Psychology 7: 1109
March 2019 Fiona Rawle Henry MA, Shorter S, Charkoudian L, Heemstra JM, Corwin LA. 2019. FAIL Is Not a Four-Letter Word: A Theoretical Framework for Exploring Undergraduate Students’ Approaches to Academic Challenge and Responses to Failure in STEM Learning Environments CBE—Life Sciences Education 18(1)
April 2019 Wendy Keenleyside Grimaldi PJ, Basu Mallick D, Waters AE, Baraniuk RG. 2019. Do open educational resources improve student learning? Implications of the access hypothesis. PLoS ONE 14(3): e0212508

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