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oCUBE Journal Club 2017 - 2018

 Month Facilitator  Article
July 2017 Sanja Hinic-Frlog Cavanagh et al., 2017. Student Buy-in to Active LEarning in a College Science Course. CBE Life Science Educ. 15(4): ar76. 
August 2017 Dennis Kolosov Improvements from a Flipped Classroom May Simply Be the Fruits of Active Learning. (2015). Jensen et al. CBE, 14:1-12.
September  2017 Jennifer Waugh Hoffman, K., Leupen, S., Dowell, K. Kephart, K., and J. Leips. 2016. Development and assessment of modules to integrate quantitative skills in introductory biology courses. CBE-Life Sciences Education 15: 1-12
October 2017 Tanya Noel Richard, M., Coley, J. D., & Tanner, K. D. (2017). Investigating undergraduate students’ use of intuitive reasoning and evolutionary knowledge in explanations of antibiotic resistance. CBE-Life Sciences Education, 16(3), ar55.
November 2017 Jessica Hill
Ballen et al. 2017. Enhancing Diversity in Undergraduate Science: Self-efficacy Drives Performance Gains with Active Learning. CBE-Life Sciences Education, 16(4), ar56.
January 2018 Marissa Dahari
Price RM & Perez KE. Many paths toward discovery: a module for teaching how science works. Journal of College Science Teaching. 4(3): 78-87.
February 2018 Lovaye Kajiura Ludwig, P.M.,  Nagel, J. K.,  and Lewis, E. J.   2017. Student learning outcomes from a pilot medical innovations course with nursing, engineering, and biology undergraduate students. International Journal of STEM Education 4: 33 , 1-14. 
March 2018 Elspeth Smith Ayella A, Beck MR. 2018. A course-based undergraduate research experience investigating the consequences of nonconserved mutations in lactate dehydrogenase. Biochem Mol Biol Educ. 2018 Mar 7. 
April 2018 Joe Boivin Auerbach, A.J., Higgins, M., Brickman, P., and Andrews, T.C. 2018. Teacher Knowledge for Active-Learning Instruction: Expert-Novice Comparison Reveals Differences. CBE Life Sci. 17: 1-14.

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