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oCUBE Journal Club 2016 - 2017

 Month Facilitator  Article
September 2016 Wendy Keenleyside Brown, B.R., Mason, A. and Singh, S. 2016. Improving performance in quantum mechanics with explicit incentives to correct mistakes. Phys. Rev. Phys. Edu. 12:010121 DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevPhysEducRes.12.010121
October 2016 Lovaye Kajiura Haave, N. 2015. Survey of Biology Capstone Courses in American and Canadian Higher Education: Requirement, Content, and Skills. Bioscene: Journal of College Biology Teaching 41(2): 19-26.
November 2016 Tanya Noel Andrews, T. C., Conaway, E. P., Zhao, J., & Dolan, E. L. (2016). Colleagues as Change Agents: How Department Networks and Opinion Leaders Influence Teaching at a Single Research University. CBE-Life Sciences Education, 15(2), ar15.
December 2016 Tamara Kelly
January 2017 Kirsten Poling Walter, E.M. Henderson, C.R. Beach A.E. and Cody T. Williams. (2016). Introducing the Postsecondary Instructional Practices Survey (PIPS): A Concise, Interdisciplinary, and Easy-to-Score Survey. CBE Life Sciences Education 15(4), ar53, 1–11.
February 2017 Tom Haffie Allen, N. and Hecht, T. (2004). The ‘romance of teams’: Toward an understanding of its psychological underpinnings and implications. Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology. 77: 439-461. DOI: 10.1348/0963179042596469
March 2017 Chris Garside Bailey EG, Jensen J, Nelson J, Wiberg HK, Bell JD. (2017). Weekly Formative Exams and Creative Grading Enhance Student Learning in an Introductory Biology Course. CBE Life Sciences Education 16(1) ar2. doi:10.1187/cbe.16-02-0104
April 2017 Joe Boivin Stanton, J.D., Neider, X.N., Gallegos, I.J., and Clark, N.C.  (2015). Differences in metacognitive regulation in introductory biology students: when prompts are not enough. CBE Life Sciences Education 14, 1-12.
May 2017 Michelle French  

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